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Baseline Valuation

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable business valuation experts will ensure that you get the most accurate, reliable and trustworthy results.

Exit Strategy

Our team of experienced advisors are committed to helping our clients make well-informed decisions and find the best possible outcome for their pharmacy business exit strategy.

Value Enhancement

We provide our clients with the essential resources and insights to maximize profitability, build long-term growth and increase business value.

Sale Process

We are the authoritative source for navigating the complex process of selling a pharmacy, providing clients with expert guidance and support to maximize their return on investment.

Professional and Experienced Pharmacy Business Advisors


At EVCOR, we are dedicated to assisting pharmacy owners with all aspects of the ownership timeline. From business valuation and acquisition to best practice optimization, exit planning, and guiding them through the complexities of their sale. We offer a complimentary and confidential discovery call or meeting to discuss how we can help you prepare your pharmacy for sale and maximize your return on investment. Whether you're looking to acquire a business or need assistance in selling yours, let us lead your professional advisory team and help you reach a successful sale. Contact us today to get started.



Our team of pharmacy industry professionals provide valuations, due diligence and advice to first-time and experienced buyers.


Our team can use a best practice review process (BPRP) to identify problem areas in your pharmacy and provide solutions.


We provide expert guidance to create successful exit strategies, ensuring our clients are adequately prepared to sell their pharmacy business.


We provide expert guidance and support to help our clients maximize their return on investment when selling their pharmacy.

We offer our business consulting services across Canada, including:

  • British Columbia:
    Your search for pharmacy brokers in Vancouver that service the entire province just got easier.
  • Ontario:
    When selling your business in Toronto, we will ensure your pharmacy gets the right price at the right time no matter where you are in the province.
  • Alberta:
    When looking for business advisors in Calgary or having your pharmacy for sale in Edmonton, work with us to fully realize your ownership goals.
  • Saskatchewan:
    Regina, Saskatoon and all surrounding rural areas.
  • Manitoba:
    Serving Winnipeg and the entire province.

Benefit from Our Years of Pharmacy Industry Experience

Business Valuations, Advisory, and Sales

Valuation engagements
Sell-side and buy-side engagements
Million dollars of deal flow

The EVCOR Advantage​​

When you understand what factors contributed to your pharmacy's current value and what practices you can improve upon or implement, you can increase profitability, productivity and, most importantly, your business’s future sale value.

  • Determine Your Value

    We have a set of proven methods that we use to ensure you get a comprehensive, accurate business valuation. Our reports provide all the necessary details and explanations so that you understand how we reached our conclusions. We also include any assumptions made (where relevant) as well as suggestions for further exploration. With this information in hand, you can make informed decisions that will drive profitability and growth.

  • Realize Your Value Through Planning

    We understand the importance of your retirement plan but also recognize the wealth of opportunities hidden in a business sale. With a strategic exit plan quarterbacked by our experts, we can identify ways to maximize the value you receive from the sale. We’ll provide you with an accurate picture of your current situation and suggest a tailored plan that will help you get the most out of your sale.

  • Build Your Value and Profits

    At EVCOR, we are proud to offer the EVCOR Best Practice Review Program as a way to help pharmacy owners maximize their business value. Our comprehensive review covers all aspects of your business and provides an accurate assessment of its current worth. We then provide tailored advice on how to increase profitability and make informed decisions that will further drive growth and wealth.

  • Confidently Sell Your Business

    At EVCOR, we have designed a five-step process to ensure maximum value from your pharmacy sale. We begin with an in-depth valuation that identifies potential areas for growth and then work closely with you and other advisors to prepare the business for sale. After marketing your business exclusively to qualified buyers, we provide guidance on due diligence and sale document preparation. Our experienced team then supports you through the closing process and even further into the post-sale transition.

Let's start a conversation and see how EVCOR can benefit your pharmacy business

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