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Facility, Design and Decorum

Although some buyers in the market focus almost entirely on numbers in their approach, it is important that you pay attention to the layout and physical appearance and condition of your facility and equipment. This factor extends beyond the shelves, ceiling, and floor, but also to the tidiness and cleanliness of work areas and your staff. Missteps can unintentionally leave an impression with the buyer that your internal workings and documentation are in similar disrepair. Ensure that you are investing in staff uniforms that are both department and position appropriate and are fashionable. Use of name tags identifying positions like a registered pharmacy technician, clerk, or even pharmacist provides a professional image to the patient or customer and removes any uncertainty in the customer’s mind.
Some owners become velocitized by their store and forget to view it through the eyes of their patients and customers. Removing clutter from the front of the store, clearing windows of material that blocks people from seeing in is important – as is removing those fossilized pieces of tape that invariably get missed. Fresh paint is an inexpensive way to create a fresh, professional new look and do not forget to look up to see if the lights and ceiling are clean and free from danglers.
On a similar vein, the buyer will not discount your store based on what they perceive will be the capital cost of mending what has been neglected.

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