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Good Sellers Seeking Good Buyers

March 30, 2023

pharmacy brokers As a pharmacy buyer, you know that having access to capital and making the right decisions are essential for growing your empire. But did you ever think that as important as it is to have smart buyers, it’s just as important to have good sellers? Good sellers want good buyers – it’s a relationship that goes both ways. In this blog post, we will explore why sellers need their buyers to have access to capital, possess a good operational plan, provide timely feedback, and maintain confidentiality. We have a number of great stores and multi-store deals in our pipeline and are actively seeking qualified buyers looking to add to their store count.

What makes a Good Seller, and what should they look for in a Good, Qualified Buyer

Qualified buyers in the pharmacy business are hard to come by. Qualities like financial stability, an eye for detail and a good operational and growth plan are rare. As a seller, you will want to consider various factors when selecting a qualified buyer and assess if they are the right fit. First, look at their ability to access capital, their deal experience, and their reputation for keeping things confidential. The buyer should provide information on their finances and past deals, giving you insight into their track record, reliability, and ability to close the deal. You also want to be comfortable with their experience, resources, management skills and long-term vision for success. Ultimately, it is important that your prospective buyer has the right qualifications and best interest in mind to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for both parties during and after the sale.

Know the Benefits and Challenges that Come with Buying Larger or Multiple Stores

Investing in larger or multiple stores to build your empire can be daunting, but with the right strategy and preparation, it can pay off. Not only can expanding your business bring more revenue into your organization, it also creates economies of scale. However, there are several unique challenges you must face; competing with larger retail chains for locations is a concern, as well as working through the complexities of negotiating a purchase agreement. Operating one or two stores is substantially different from running five to twenty. By understanding and being prepared for these challenges, you can maximize the benefits that come with owning bigger and multiple pharmacies. [TS_Video_Gallery id="5"]

Positioning yourself for rapid expansion

If you have plans to rapidly expand your operations, then positioning yourself correctly is key. You will need an operations team in place with the skills and expertise to grow your business operations quickly. You’ll also require access to a reputable lender that specializes in financing larger deals, and a clear vision of what success looks like for your organization. Having these resources available will make it easier to take on additional stores or higher value pharmacies, as well as ensure you are set up for sustained profitability. Plus, achieving successful expansion will help you tap into new markets, specialties, and opportunities that are otherwise unavailable.

How to register as a buyer and get on EVCOR's radar

If you're a pharmacy buyer looking to purchase multiple stores or high value pharmacies, then being considered by EVCOR as a qualified buyer is exactly what you need. You'll be part of an exclusive network of buyers and will have access to good sellers with quality pharmacies. Becoming a registered buyer is simple—just fill out the registration form on our website ( and include your professional experience and credentials, and criteria. Once we've verified your information and qualifications, you'll get on our radar as a potential buyer, and you'll start the process to be included in our Qualified Buyers List (QBL). If, however, you want to fast forward the process and you possess the following characteristics 1) stand-up business person, 2) access to the necessary capital for large transactions, 3) a sound growth and operational strategy, and 4) the fortitude to grow an empire - then reach out to me directly via a Linkedin message.
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