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How We Help Clients to Sell Their Pharmacies

January 11, 2021

Sell Your Pharmacy
If you’re a pharmacy owner planning to sell your pharmacy in the near future or a few years from now, we are here to tell you that it’s never too late to start preparing for it. However, without the right help, the process of selling a pharmacy can get complicated.

How Can EVCOR Help You Sell Your Pharmacy?

At EVCOR, we want to sell your business when it’s truly ready to be sold, and so are you. We offer a variety of services that help you move along the sales process and secure you a deal that will be right for you. Our services include:

Business Valuation

You may ask, ‘How does a business valuation help me?’. A business valuation is essentially what helps us, and you determine your business's value. A business valuation consists of processes, procedures, and analysis used to determine the fair economic value of a company or its existing set of assets, so when we do put it up for sale, we can set expectations of buyers and your own.

Value Preservation

It is not necessary that both buyer and seller will meet eye-to-eye on what’s important to each other. What is important to you as a seller will not necessarily be the same as what is important to them. Working with advisers to focus on purchasers’ needs will further drive up value and preserve it. In fact, it is so common for business owners that haven’t prepared for a sale to lose significant value in the final step of the sale process. Often, that value can be preserved if issues are identified, and a plan is put in place to address them.

Value Enhancement

If you were to get more value for your business, wouldn’t you take it? Our initial preparation will help identify areas in your business that could do with a little improvement, which would then enhance the overall value of your business. At EVCOR, we go over and above for our customers to identify these opportunities and offer guidance to help improve their business's overall value.

Transaction Advisory

Our transaction advisory services help business owners evaluate and navigate the complexities of corporate transactions. We have a holistic approach and never lose sight of the big picture; we, therefore, provide many different services to our clients, including financial, tax, IT, and confirmatory due diligence and guidance to ensure the deal is closed the right way.

Selling an Independent Pharmacy With EVCOR

EVCOR is here to provide you with the tools, resources, and guidance you’ll need to plan for the successful sale of your pharmacy business. With our advice, you’ll know exactly what it takes to sell successfully. We offer a complimentary and confidential discovery call or meeting to discuss how we can lead you to a win in selling a pharmacy business. Contact us to learn more.
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