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Pharmacy Exit Planning

Exit Strategy Planning

The process of selling your business starts years before your advertisement goes up.​

We realize that you have worked hard to build your business into what it is today. We also understand the importance of your retirement plan while structuring the sale of your pharmacy. But this isn’t just about your retirement. There is likely a great deal of value to be realized by simply assessing your situation and changing a few things as you approach your sale date. Read below for more information.

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Increase your value

You may have become comfortable in how you run your business. The little eye sores around your premises have become completely invisible to you. A simple plan but well executed plan will not cost you much but will increase the value of your pharmacy.

Increase your profitablilty

A buyers pockets and the people they borrow from are not always as deep as you want. Sometimes, given a bit of time, you can extract a bit more profitability out of your business and put yourself in a better retirement position.

Increase sale
Increases your likelihood of a sale

A planned exit, increases your likelyhood of a sale. You might have great profitability but the structure of your business may be such that it makes it difficult for the purchaser to execute.

Tax Situation
Provides for a better tax situation

The sale price is one thing. The amount of tax you will pay on your sale is quite another. A little planning however can mitigate the amount of tax you need to pay on your final sale. An exit strategy can certainly improve your odds of paying less tax.