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Pharmacy Selling Process

The EVCOR 5 Phase Selling Process

The selling process is likely more iterative than either you would believe or want to believe. If you have not prepared your business for sale, you may be losing out on a great deal of unrealized value. Years before you sell, you should make and execute an exit strategy. Following this, assess the value and determine if this will provide the necessary funds for you to carry out your post-sale plans. If this hypothetical sale price is adequate, then the final preparations are made, a business package is assembled and your business is marketed. Eventually, you will be able to negotiate and accept a deal. Don’t be discouraged by the length of time it takes for the entire process to unfold. It will take at least 3 months to sell your business once you start marketing it but more likely up to a year. ​

EVCOR 5 Phases of Sale EVCOR Estimated Timeline



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