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The Advantages of Hiring Experienced Brokers to Help Sell Your Business

January 5, 2022

Business brokers Selling your business is a significant step and can be rife with complications and potential pitfalls. But hiring business brokers in Edmonton can be the best first step to take. Business brokers are trained to understand the ins and outs of selling your business. A business broker can let you know the right time for selling and when is not a good time. Your broker will also get you the best price and potentially even get you the best deal on your taxes. While these are some expected benefits, there are plenty more advantages to hiring an experienced business broker, whether in Vancouver, Calgary, or Edmonton.

Private and Confidential

When getting ready to sell your business, conveying the news too early can be disadvantageous. Breaches of privacy and confidentiality can be the result. But with an experienced business broker, they can manage this aspect, and you can be assured they will keep your interests safe and operate with more trust and confidence. For example, the broker can qualify the buyer before they even know it is your business for sale.

Business Valuation Expertise

The best business broker in Edmonton will be fully versed (and credentialed) in preparing a detailed and well-researched valuation of your business. Some business brokers have expert tools to address the science and art of valuing your business. There are many complicated variables when it comes to business valuation. For this reason, experience and credentialling pay off. Look for well-established business brokers with regional and national contacts who are well equipped to guide you in the right direction.

Access to a Larger Network

Another benefit of working with an experienced business broker in Edmonton is that they have access to a broader network than you. Just like with your real estate agent, a broker - whether business brokers in Vancouver or Calgary - with a wider network has more access to potential buyers and will even keep you in mind if you are ever looking to purchase again down the road.

Save Time and Money

Business brokers work to get you a better price and work with your other professional advisors to reduce frictional transaction tax, but there are other ways they can save you money. Oposed to you running your business, your business broker is only focused on the sale of your business which can expedite the process. A faster selling process means that your business is not on the market for too long, which can eat into your final sale price. Time can also kill a deal! If you are ready to sell your business, consider calling a business broker in Edmonton, such as EVCOR. We have offices around the country, and our experienced brokers will use our extensive network and ample resources to make selling your business as simple as possible. Call for a free consultation today.  
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